Biggin Hill

Branch Chairman: Shaun Slator

Vice Chairman: Luke Sayers & Charlie Bowman-Millar

Biggin Hill ward lies at the Southern end of the London Borough of Bromley and is surrounded on three sides by Green Belt countryside in Darwin ward and on the fourth by Tandridge ward in Surrey County council.

The ward comprises the Main Road Shopping area with two leading supermarkets and many small private businesses, the residential areas are at the Top and in the Valley.  The combined Library and Swimming Pool was opened in 2010.  There is one 1300 student Secondary School, Charles Darwin Academy, two Primary Schools, Biggin Hill Primary School, which is part of the Charles Darwin Multi Academy Trust and Oaklands Primary School. These are both two form entry.  Biggin Hill Airport with companies based on the airport is a major employer in the area with about 1000 employees.  There are two separate Business Parks.  There are Farming areas in the ward to the West of Biggin Hill.  The whole area has developed since the early 1900s, it was before a rural part of Kent.

Biggin Hill is particularly famous for the R.A.F Fighter airfield which started in 1917 and after the RAF left became the Business and General Aviation airport, which it is today.  There was a major Army Base next to the airfield until after 1946, with more service personnel than the much better known R.A.F. base.  Many of the R.A.F. barracks and administrative buildings remain as West Camp, which it is hoped to develop as Business units and an Aviation and Engineering College.

The residents of Biggin Hill are proud of their area, which is effectively a self-contained town, with about 12,000 residents, although older residents still refer to it as the village.  A large number of residents are self-employed or run small companies, others work in the Public Sector, N.H.S., Police, Fire Service with a  minority commuting to Central London or Croydon.

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