Cray Valley East

Branch Chairman: David Mackie

Vice Chairman - Membership:  

Vice Chairman - Fundraising:  Lois Hyett

Vice Chairman - Political:  Chris Pierce

Cray Valley Advice Bureau dates are below, please click on the link.

Please contact the Cray Valley Committee for further details and information about the Branch by contacting Orpington Association at No 6 Sevenoaks Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 9JJ. Telephone 01689 820347 or e-mail

Your Police Safer Neighbourhood Team may be contacted on 07880 788 942

Planning Applications

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Chris Pierce

Councillor for Cray Valley East
Chris is honoured to have been selected as a Councillor by his local residents. He is retired and has lived in the ward for over 17 years. He has a wife Lois and a very locally well known dog Gunner. He also has a son Steven who lives away from home.

Harry Stranger

Councillor for Cray Valley East

Harry Stranger is a Conservative councillor for Cray Valley East ward

Yvonne Bear

Councillor for Cray Valley East

Yvonne Bear is a Conservative Councillor for Cray Valley East Ward