Voter ID pilot – acceptable ID announced

Bromley will be participating in a pilot at the Local Elections on 3 May this year to test the requirement to produce identification in order to vote at the Polling Station.

They have been working closely with the Cabinet office to agree the forms of identity that will be acceptable and we are pleased to let you know that the Minister has now signed the Voter Pilot Order agreeing these, so we are able to update you.

The forms of identity are wide-ranging and most people will have these readily available.

  • Acceptable forms of ID – please see attached and at
  • No ID – if an elector is not able to provide any of the accepted forms of ID, they can either apply for
  • postal vote (by 5pm, 18 April 2018 to vote on 3 May 2018), or
  • a proxy vote (by 5pm, 25 April 2018 to vote on 3 May 2018). Please note that the person appointed must produce ID for themselves when voting on your behalf at the polling station, or
  • Certificate of Identity (by 5pm, 2 May 2018 to vote on 3 May). This will not be available until after 27 March 2018. Full details on how/when to apply are available on the Council website

 Public Awareness Campaign – there will be an extensive and targeted awareness-raising campaign so that eligible electors know they need to bring ID to a polling station to vote.

The poster,  please click here , indicates the look of the campaign which will begin with information being made available on the Council website, the Customer Contact Centre, posters and leaflets being distributed in prime locations, the use of social media (Facebook and Twitter) and local press releases.  Over the coming weeks/months the campaign will be extended throughout the borough and will include posters in bus shelters and shopping centres, billboards in railway stations, full page adverts in local newspapers, mobile ads and further press releases during the course of the campaign.

In addition there will be several direct ‘through the door’ communications with all households and electors in the borough through:

  • Household notification letter in February 2018
  • Leaflet with Council tax bill in February/March 2018
  • Postcard to every household in early March 2018
  • Poll card to every eligible elector in late March 2018