Westerham Development

We went to a meeting on 31st October called by Westerham Town Council, to which Councillors from surrounding Parish and District Councils had been invited. This meeting concerned a potential development of 600 houses on the edge of Westerham, between the M25 and the existing town to the West of the Roundabout over the M25. The proposed development will include a relief road to divert the A25 around Westerham, new Green Public Open Spaces, Community Facilities and extensions to Common Land. A consultation in Westerham which was completed by 741 households, showed that 636 opposed the Plans and 105 supported the Plans. 

The Plans also include the import of a minimum of 800,000 possibly up to 2,100,000 cubic metres of inert material to stabilise the area of land known as the Covers,(Squerryes Sandpit) to the west of Westerham and close to the M25. 

Our concerns are that if these development do go ahead, it is likely that much of the traffic involved will travel through Biggin Hill, making the traffic problems with the Cherry Lodge Golf Club improvements seem very small. The final decisions will rest with Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council. We will keep you informed.
There is further information on the website. www.westerhamtowncouncil.gov.uk