Yet another doorstep scam

There is a report from Chelsfield Village of another doorstep Scam about which we would like to warn you. In December a uniformed delivery driver called at a house in Chelsfield and delivered a basket of flowers and a bottle of wine. There was no indication who had sent them, although the driver said a separate card was on its way. 

There was a £3.50 delivery verification charge to confirm that the flowers and wine had been delivered and the recipient was over 18. Payment in cash or cheque was declined, the use of a Debit or Credit card was necessary. The Credit card was swiped by the driver on a “mobile credit card machine” and it was then necessary to enter the PIN number. 

You know what comes next. In the next five days £4,000 was taken from the account using ATM machines. The machine had been used to produce a “Copy credit card” and with the PIN number it was easy to withdraw the money.