OCA Lunch Club

The Association Lunch Club meets four times per year normally at Oakley Manor in Bromley with the purpose to raise funds to support the running of the Association as well as providing an enjoyable lunch with friends, both new and old there will be a guest speaker giving a relevant and/or fascinating talk.
Please see below the history of speakers to give you a flavour, all dates and menus will be posted on our Events page.

Aug-97 Angela Howell, Thames Water
Nov-98 Barbera Thompson, LBB Officer
Mar-99 Gerry Howlett, Chief Superintendent Bromley
Nov-99 Ian Hedges, Town Centre Mgr
Aug-00 Bruce Walker, Aspery Homes
Mar-01 Cllr John Ince, Local Authority
Jun-01 Vic Bowman, OC Association
Sep-01 Bernard Sullivan, Toastmaster
Nov-01 John Horam, MP
Feb-02 Dennis Barkaway, Life in the City
Aug-03 Carol Wynn, Hospice Care
Mar-03 Bob Neill, GLA
Jun-03 Kevin Howel, Project Mgr – PRU Hospital
Sep-03 Dr Allen Spence, Metal Detection – Archaeology
Nov-03 John Horam, MP
Mar-04 Bob Neill, Assembly Member – GLA
Jun-04 J Groeger-Wilson, Clarkeson Wright & Jacques
Sep-04 Adrian Young, Chief Superintendent – Community Policing
Nov-04 John Horam, MP
Mar-05 Andrew Lee, Agent
Jun-05 John Hora, MP
Sep-05 David Amess, MP – Southend West
Nov-05 Ian Gibson, Corporate Affairs – Bromley Hospital Trust
Sep-06 John Horam, MP
Jun-07 Syed Kamall, MEP – Europe
Sep-07 John Horam, MP
Nov-07 Cllr Douglas Auld, Policing & Bromley
Mar-08 Cheryl Curr, Orp. Town Centre Mgr – Orpington
Jun-08 Albert Pogio, Representative Gibraltar
Sep-08 Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP Candidate – Europe
Nov-08 John Horam, MP
Mar-09 Dennis Barkway
Jun-09 Matthew Elliott, Tax Payer’s Alliance
Sep-09 Dame Marion Roe
Nov-09 John Horam, MP
Mar-10 Jo Johnson, MP Candidate
Jun-10 Anna Firth
Sep-10 Cllr Colin Smith, The Environment
Nov-10 Stanley Johnson
Mar-11 Charlotte Vere, No to AV Campaign
Jun-11 Charles Tannock, MEP
Sep-11 David Evernett, MP Bexleyheath & Crayford
Nov-11 Jo Johnson, MP Orpington
Mar-12 Gareth Bacon, GLA
Jun-12 Jo Johnson, MP Orpington
Sep-12 Syed Kamall, MEP
Nov-12 Rachel Johnson, Editor the Lady
Mar-13 John Horam, Life After Westminster
Jun-13 Jonathan Isaby, Tax Payers Alliance
Sep-13 Tobias Elwood, MP Bournemouth East
Nov-13 Jo Johnson, MP
Mar-14 Christopher Lockwood, No 10 Policy Unit
Jun-14 Will Curtis, MD – Biggin Hill Airport
Sep-14 Rosemary MacQueen, Rudyard Kippling
Nov-14 Jo Johnson, MP – Life in Westminster
Mar-15 Cllr Kim Botting, Experiences in the Police
Jun-15 Dame Marion Roe
Sep-15 Cllr Julian Benington, On being the Mayor
Nov-15 Jo Johnson, MP
Mar-16 Gareth Bacon, GLA
Jun-16 Jonathan Isaby, CEO Tax Payers Alliance