Harry Stranger

Councillor for Cray Valley East

Harry Stranger is a Conservative councillor for Cray Valley East ward

Harry has lived in St. Mary Cray/Orpington for nearly forty years.  He represented St. Mary Cray ward and, later, Cray Valley West ward on Bromley Council 1982/86 and then 2006/2014.

Harry understands the challenges that both young and old experience in today’s world.  These include getting affordable accommodation to rent or buy; dealing with antisocial behaviour, litter and rubbish.  These things impact on people’s day-to-day aspirations and perceptions.  To improve matters, he would encourage closer workings between Housing Associations, the Council, police and other agencies.

Harry is keen to safeguard our environment; areas of natural beauty such as the River Cray and its environs should be protected and preserved!  Also, he believes that pedestrians should be given greater consideration when devising traffic management schemes, and will promote measures that encourage safe and responsible driving. 

Harry is a former secretary of the Saxon Youth Centre, as well as a current trustee of Cray Valley Memorial Hall.  He is married, and worked in the travel industry for over thirty-eight years.  In his spare time, he enjoys live music and old vintage aircraft.  He helps a local cat rescue charity, and has quite a few felines of his own.  Also two dogs!

See Also

Tony Owen

Councillor for Petts Wood & Knoll
Tony Owen worked in the electronic components industry for 40 years where he was heavily involved in systems thinking and quality improvement. He has lectured and presented in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Spain and USA.

Angela Page

Councillor for Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom
Angela Page is delighted to have been elected in Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom and be given the opportunity to build upon the good work carried out by the previous Councillors over the last four years.

Chris Pierce

Councillor for Cray Valley East
Chris is honoured to have been selected as a Councillor by his local residents. He is retired and has lived in the ward for over 17 years. He has a wife Lois and a very locally well known dog Gunner. He also has a son Steven who lives away from home.

Richard Scoates

Councillor for Darwin
Richard is a Civil and Structural Engineer and has lived in the Borough all his life apart from 5 years spent at university. Richard is a great supporter of preserving the greenbelt from inappropriate development, and believes that planning should be made more localised – after all, local residents are best placed to know what’s best for their local community.

Pauline Tunicliffe

Councillor for Orpington ward 
Pauline has represented the residents of Orpington Ward since being elected in 2006. Pauline has lived in Orpington for over 25 years. She has two grown up daughters who were educated locally. She has run her own successful business in haute-couture since 1987.