About us

Current OCA Officers are listed below and can be contacted via the office 01689 820347 or office@orpingtonconservatives.com

  • President:  Mrs Daphne Wright
  • Chairman:  Cllr Mike Botting
  • Dep. Chairman Political:  Mr Jonathan Andrews
  • Dep. Chairman Membership/Fundraising:  Mrs Linda Hewitt
  • Treasurer:  Mrs Sue Clark
  • Officers Secretary:  Cllr Tony Owen
  • Organising Secretary: Mrs Joan Newman

The Objects of the Orpington Conservative Association are to……….

  • sustain and promote the objects and values of the Conservative Party in the Parliamentary constituency of Orpington ;
  • to provide an effective campaigning organisation in the Constituency;
  • to secure the return of Conservative Candidates at elections;
  • and to raise the necessary funds to achieve these objectives;
  • to contribute to the central funds of the Party.

The Association comprises of Party Members who have the right to attend and vote at any General Meeting (including an Annual or Special General Meeting) of the Association or Branch of which they are members.

The Management Team of the Association is made up of a Chairman, 2 x Deputy Chairmen, a Treasurer and a Secretary and are known as the “Officers”.

The governing body is the Executive Council which comprises of the Officers, elected representatives from each ward and other bodies. The Executive Council has many functions and has the power to deal with all matters affecting the Association and its membership, including the selction of local and parlimentary candidates, and to exercise control over all ward and polling district Branches and specialist committees or groups.

There is also a Finance & General Purpose Committee (F&GP) accountable to the Executive Council they scruntanises all expenditure of the Association before any monies are spent. All Officer, Executive and F&GP members are volunteers and come from all walks of life.

There are no qualifications required, only a keen interest in the Conservative Party and the local community.