Mike Botting

Councillor for Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom

Mike Botting is a Conservative councillor for Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom

Contact Mike on 07976 280511

I have lived in Chelsfield for 30 years and Bromley Borough for 40 years. Using local facilities such as the railway, hospitals, schools, roads and buses I am aware of the pressures that you encounter and the frustrations that can sometimes occur. However we do live in a great ward and things are far from bad, we have a vast area of open green space that I am keen to preserve and indeed have been keen to use myself. This is important to the community and environment.

I am married to Kim and have four children who were educated in local schools; two still live at home giving me an insight into the needs of our young voters?

I have always had an interest in what happens locally and having retired in 2016 from the Police I now have the opportunity to get involved. I am a member of several local groups including the Village society, safer neighbourhood panel and I am a Governor of a local school.

I am a member of the Public Protection and Enforcement PDS (Policy, Development and Scrutiny) Deputy Chairman of the Rights of Way Committee

Outside bodies

Member of the Bromley Arts Committee.

Non pecuniary posts

President of the Orpington Sea Cadets

Member of the Green Street Green Village Society Member of the Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom Safer neighbourhood panel Governor of Charles Darwin School Biggin Hill

For the year May 2018 to May 2019 I am Consort to the Mayor of Bromley


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Kim Botting

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Committee appointments


Finance & General Purposes
Care Services
Health and Well Being Board.

Simon Fawthrop J.P

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First elected to Petts Wood & Knoll ward in May 2006. Simon has taken a keen interest in planning matters and the plight of residents affected by the Biggin Hill Airport flight path. Currently serving as the Vice-Chairman of two planning sub-committees and the Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Samaris Huntington-Thresher

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Samaris Huntington-Thresher grew up in Chelsfield, and lives locally running her own health and nutrition business. Samaris has been Councillor for Chelsfield, Green St Green and Pratts Bottom since 2002, sitting on Planning and Environment Committees to protect local services and prevent over-development changing the character of the area.

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Charles Joel

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Committee appointments

Development Control Committee
Plans Sub-Committee No. 1 (Vice-Chairman)
Plans Sub-Committee No. 3

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Tony Owen worked in the electronic components industry for 40 years where he was heavily involved in systems thinking and quality improvement. He has lectured and presented in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Spain and USA.