Yvonne Bear

Councillor for Cray Valley East

Yvonne Bear is a Conservative Councillor for Cray Valley East Ward

Recently retired after a career in local banking and running her own consultancy business, Yvonne is now keen to focus on working for the community where she has lived for the last 30 years. 

Yvonne is a school governor at St Mary Cray Primary Academy and a trustee of the Cray Valley Memorial Hall. It is the insights into local challenges, opportunities and needs that these roles have provided which have motivated Yvonne to stand as a Councillor so that she can work more widely with the community to solve local problems and push for enhancements which will improve the quality of residents' lives. Particular areas of interest for Yvonne are education, healthcare (with children in the medical profession) and small business, having run her own and represented the needs of businesses by serving on the Council of the London Chamber of Commerce. Her professional experience will enable her to champion the needs of local residents effectively and get results.

Yvonne is married with two grown up children and a dog. Her hobbies include gardening, photography and writing. She is also interested in local history and is keen to ensure that the area’s rich heritage is preserved for future generations.